Inspired by nature.

Enriched by culture.

Backed by science.

Established in 1996, Andrea Leja Interior Design & Co. is a global firm based in Niagara, Ontario, that specializes in the art and science of wellness interior design. Our approach seeks balance- of physical and emotional health, humanity and the environment, beauty and ritual.

We create a landscape that goes beyond aesthetics to deliver meaningful, holistic experiences that enrich the wellbeing of our clients.


We are connected with thought leaders and researchers worldwide, including: the Global Wellness Institute, the Institute for Wellness Architecture + Design, the Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, the Design Futures Council and more.

 Alongside our esteemed partners, we bring balance to your environment through design and experiences centered in beauty, ritual, culture and landscape.


DesignHER founder profile photo

We all have a story. This is mine.

I’m an interior designer, lifestyle coach, wellness advocate, wisdom seeker, and lover of life. My business allows me to express my creativity and share my flare for inspiring and empowering women, while focusing on wellness and connection to nature.

My personal wellness journey began in 2003, when I was diagnosed with MS. Subsequently, in 2006 my 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and in 2009 my son was diagnosed with epilepsy. I felt my life spiralling out of control as I was struggling to find the answers to the questions I was seeking.In 2011, after being unwell and living on edge for years, I collapsed from the stress overload and left a toxic marriage in an attempt to heal myself and my children. 

I changed my own life by shifting my focus to mindfulness, nutrition, nature, and family. I haven’t looked back since, and now I dedicate my time to helping other women transform their lives. 

My services and experiences explore a vast and relatable array of topics including: holistic wellness, interior design, nutrition, movement, relationships, purpose, spirituality, motherhood, creativity, and much more. I’d love to work with you as you take your next steps!